A new LIVE video streaming project, showcasing talented DJ's as they perform on location at The Shed. Bringing the new sounds of underground house.

Moving Visuals & Facebook Live

With social media becoming a great way to showcase your products or talents, this was a big project for us to get involved with. Streaming and showcasing DJ's live on Facebook, was the start of this new venture. We have worked previously on Facebook live with other clients doing Q&A's through the live stream, doing this helped to engage the current audience but also build more audience and creating interesting content on the process. This project started with a few friends who wanted to showcase their talents and since the first live stream, they have gone from strength to strength and now on the verge of showcasing their first event which will be (you guessed it) streamed LIVE! 

With this project we have been able to create several different moving visuals to promote the next upcoming DJ to perform on the live stream. This case study shows several different pieces of work that we have created and promoted across through the clients social media channels. 


  • Moving Visual Production / Graphic Design
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Live Streaming 

Shed Series

Moving Visuals 



Amplify Social Graphic Deisgn