Podenco Eivissa is an independent men's swimwear brand that produces clothing that’s pure Eivissa. They began in a beach shop on Benirras beach, where they set out to make a brand that’s true to the spirit of the island on which it was born, the particular beach on which it first appeared, and the hound whose spirit they aim to reflect.

Their clothes are for the people all around the world who live their lives with that same sort of attitude. People whose life is their style, not the other way around. People who see the glass half full. Unless there’s time for another.

For people that don’t ever try too hard. People that live life and love fully and freely.

Newsletter Distribution

Newsletter's are a great platform to help retain the businesses current client database and boost sales in several different ways, this could be from links to the website, to advertising a merchandise sale or just simply exhibiting the current stock.

As you can see from the image to the right this is a slightly shortened version of the monthly letter we created for Podenco, this specific one consisted of a father's day blurb and promotion, Podenco's swimwear collection, some images of the different Podenco Men (ambassadors) and button links to all their platforms, (Facebook, twitter, website etc.) 

As mentioned the goal for Podenco is to have a monthly Newsletter, to engage their current clients and to keep their target audience interested. We re-create the same layout each month and make sure the style fits with the companies online aesthetic.

Since starting the distribution of the Newsletters, the client has notice a significant increase of online sales, especially during the week of scheduled send outs. This alone has proven a great success and worth the brands investment.


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  • Newsletter Distribution

Podenco Eivissa

Newsletter Distribution


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